Survival Tactics in the Wilderness

Survival skills are not something people think is a must to acquire. Well, this is not planned situations to happen to anyone, like a weapon or tool required in case of disaster. So are these survival skills should be applied when a situation arises, and you must be ready. Many of us have never been in the wild or with the required gadgets to aid them. The skills and tricks applied can be the difference between death and life.

Be Calm

A shot of the wildernessPanic is understandable, but to make out of this situation, you will need to focus and think. You will need to control your anxiety by staying calm.  Take deep breaths comfort your mind that you are in a less dangerous situation. It requires a rational approach and if you aren’t calm then applying the survival tactics will be impossible. A grip on your thoughts will get the devising plan work.

Your Priorities Should Be Right

Despite your thinking that time food should never come first, think about keeping warm if it’s cold out there. Do your best to stay dry as wet skin losses heat three times comparing to dry skin. Warm or dry weather will mean your top priority will be water which you will need to access before anything else. If you are lost, then think of how you will need to signal for help, and in this case, the smoke signal tactic is to be applied.

Lighting a Fire

Improvising a magnifying glass by use of the sun rays you can start a fire, all you need is a clear plastic bag, fill it with water, hold it against the sun, keep a focus on the bright light on your dry leaves, and soon you will have the fire.

Treating Animal Bites

In case of a bite, it’s essential to tie a ligature around the limb to avoid blood flowing from the bites to others parts of the body. Washing the wound is necessary then pour some alcohol if you have some to reduce the number of pathogens.

Tell Directions in the Wild

A survivalist should be able to tell direction without the sun. Little clues will help you to locate North Spider webs on trees appear on the south side, if adjacent body waters animals breed on the west side. If the sun is up use a stick on the ground, let the shadow move after few minutes join the new position from the old. The line entered will run east-west.